Shane Ross wants to ban people from driving if caught over the legal limit – What you think?

Are you in favour of an automatic ban for any person caught drink driving? As you know that is the new measure being considered by Transport Minister Shane Ross.

Mr Ross believes that the current sanction of three penalty points for a drink driving conviction is not enough to deter people from getting behind the wheel after drinking. Minister Ross is proposing to ban first-time offenders caught at the lower limit. Under current legislation, they do not get disqualified and instead get a fine and penalty points.

Cork East TD Kevin O’Keeffe has said that proposed changes to drink driving laws would lead to more people ending up “in mental institutions”.

Deputy O’Keefe believes there would be more people inside mental institutions if this law was enforced.

He said “We’re losing post offices, we’re losing the small shop in the villages, the pub is the final meeting place left in many villages.”

Do you support an automatic driving ban if a person is caught over the drink driving limit?

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