Are you glad that the sisters have withdrawn their ownership of the New Maternity hospital?

The religious sisters of Charity announced that they will end their involvement with the St Vincent’s Hospital Group – and will have no involvement with the National Maternity Hospital.

Ownership of the specific piece of land at the Elm Park campus will be sold to SVHG at commercial terms yet to be agreed.

In a statement today, Sr Mary Christian, Congregational Leader of the Religious Sisters of Charity, said:

The Religious Sisters of Charity will end our involvement in St Vincent’s Healthcare Group and will not be involved in the ownership or management of the new National Maternity Hospital.

The news comes after much discussion and controversy over the religious congregation’s involvement in the National Maternity Hospital.

Over 1,500 people had turned out in a protest earlier this month against the Sisters of Charity owning the hospital.


Ex-Holles Street master, Dr Peter Boylan, resigned from the board of the maternity hospital over the row about ownership. He had described himself as “long being a critic of the plan”, calling it unprecedented.


Health Minister Simon Harris had called for ‘cool heads’ in April due to the uproar over the ownership being given to the religious order. He had also spoken out after people raised fears that having a religious body involved in the maternity hospital would effectively mean that “nuns will be running the hospital” – describing that as “not true”.

However the news that the sisters of charity will not have ownership of the new maternity hospital today has put a stop to all the protests and concern.


Many people see it as a success however – not everyone does.  I want you to have a listen to this message we received on Facebook today.

Niall, I know your feelings about religion but I think even you can give some fairness to this hospital story. I am a deeply religious woman and the way these nuns have been treated has upset me. Even you can admit that the nuns ran hospitals very well and people always got the best of care.

They would have run this hospital to an excellent standard but I think they were bullied by the public into withdrawing. They own the land and should have been allowed to keep it without all the pressure they were put under. This is none other than anti-catholic nonsense that this country seems to be going through. As a catholic woman I am disgusted with how the public have treated the sisters and I am sick of the anti-catholic bias I am constantly listening to- Leave us alone.

I want to know what you think of this message – can you understand this woman’s frustration?

Or do you think Ireland needs to continue to distance itself from religion?

This woman believes that there is an anti-catholic bias today – would you agree with her?

Maybe you think the sisters were treated bad and bullied into giving up their ownership?

Or maybe you are simply delighted with the ruling and think Ireland is finally going in the right direction.

Are you glad that the sisters have withdrawn their ownership of the New Maternity hospital?

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