Will the banning of Alcohol Advertising in Ireland reduce alcoholism?

The Public Health Alcohol Bill is now a priority and could be finalised before the Dail shortly.

The Bill proposes to ban the advertising of alcohol in main stream media. This will see such iconic TV moments like the Guinness Christmas advert or the Budweiser Christmas Horses gone from our screens and what will we now call ‘The Heineken Cup’?

Will the banning of alcohol advertisement actually reduce people becoming alcoholics?  Many sporting events across the world are sponsored by alcohol products. There is the Heineken Rugby Cup and the Guinness Pro 12’s Tournament that I can think off the top of my head.

Critics say the Bill say that jobs in the Advertising industry will be hit severely by this ban. It is estimated that €20 million worth or revenue will be lost on a yearly basis.

Ireland looks set to become one of the most restrictive countries in the world for marketing alcohol. Patricia Callan, of the Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland, said: “The Bill will make it extremely difficult for all drinks companies to advertise their products. Small producers with less brand awareness will also struggle, which will hit the drinks industries innovation, export and growth potential”.

The Bill will seek to ban images of “conviviality”, such as scenes in a pub, and restrict drinks firms from advertising in parks and on public transport and within 200m of school grounds.

Look we have always had drinks sponsors of events and yes they do create revenue for the country and firms. If someone is going to become addicted to alcohol then there is no concrete evidence that their decision is due to seeing a sporting event sponsored by a brewery. Countries that have banned alcohol advertising like France, Sri Lanka, Norway and Russia have not seen a corresponding drop in cases of alcoholism.

Will the banning of Alcohol Advertising in Ireland reduce alcoholism?

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