Would you ever knowingly buy stolen goods?

It all kicked off last night on air! We read a story on line. A woman who had her phone stolen tracked it down hours later to a man who had bought it for a price that was too good to be true.

The man who had the phone on him handed it straight back to the victim and said he was offered the phone for a cheap price and knew that the price was too good to be true.

The man has previous convictions and was in fact out on bail at the time, was given a further two months jail time for handling stolen property.

Many people buy goods from people at a fraction of the retail price and say they don’t know where they came from.

There are many people who want presents for their family or their children and get the option of getting it at a much cheaper price and take it.

Most often than not, these goods are stolen from either the back of a truck, from a person or even from a home.

Would you ever knowingly buy goods that are stolen because they are cheaper?

Or would your morality stop you?

It is a crime to handle stolen goods but many people believe in the notion that if they don’t ask questions about the product than it is not stolen.

However, anyone with common sense knows that the hypothetical guy in the pub who is offering iphones at a fraction of the cost, more than likely didn’t get them legally.

Would you buy the cheap Iphone? Or would you steer clear of a ‘deal’ like this? Have you ever bought goods cheap and wondered if they were stolen?

Would you ever knowingly buy stolen goods? It was confession time!

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