Do you think students who cheat on state exams should be named and shamed?

Do you think students who cheat on state exams should be named and shamed?

I know it seems like a harsh question but what do you think?

Students have had a total of 38 Leaving Cert results permanently withheld over suspected cheating.

Under exam rules, students can’t bring in mobile phones or notes into their tests.

The State Examinations Commission declined to say how many students were involved.

It also said that it wants to protect the pupils’ privacy and will not reveal what subjects they were doing or where they were taking the exams.

According to The Irish Times, a further 34 results are being ‘provisionally’ held back while an investigation is carried out.

Although they want to protect the pupil’s privacy there is a clause in the commission’s rules on cheating that states:

Where the Commission is of the opinion that any candidate has violated any of these rules… the Commission may think fit from any sum payable in respect of any grant or scholarship obtained by the candidate, according to the opinion which the Commission may form of the gravity of the offence.

The Commission may, if the Commission thinks fit, publish the candidate’s name and address, as given in the notice of intention to present for examination, as those of a candidate who has been so deprived and the Commission may, according to the opinion of the Commission as to the gravity of the offence, debar the candidate from entering for any of the examinations run by the State Examinations Commission for such period as the Commission may determine.

We called the State Examinations Commission about this rule and they said that they fully respect the right to privacy of all candidates and it is unlikely that this rule would ever be enforced because of their views on privacy and also for Data protection reasons.

But I want to know if you think people who cheat on state examinations should actually be named and shamed?

Or do you think that would be completely unfair.

Look we were all young once and we make mistakes. I’m sure many people listening would have written some cheat sheets for the exams.

Students are under a lot of pressure and sometimes they draw a blank and need a cheat sheet.

But at the end of the day it is wrong to cheat and it is against the rules.

Would it be unfair to shame the cheaters? Or would it, in your opinion, be justified?

Should people who cheat on state examinations be named and shamed?

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