Do you think graphic posters are wrong or reality?

Do you think graphic abortion posters are wrong or reality?

The reason I want to ask you this question tonight is because of a message we got from a woman in Cobh.

Have a listen to it.

Hi Niall, I am fuming!!! Spitting feathers I am!  So apparently there were
2 women in Cobh in co cork down the Main Street with a picture of a baby a “foetus” on a huge poster for the voting. Cobh has a no poster campaign for the tidy towns.

So they went down with the poster … well there was war … the locals called the guards said it was offensive. They said the poor kids walking home from school would be traumatized. My thoughts on this is that if they insist on teaching kids that young about being gender neutral in school then why not teach kids about abortion and ask them to look it up on you tube like they do with all their idols and see it’s life at 10 weeks .

I know at least 10 guys who have had their babies aborted in the UK most of them found out after and they were gutted. If I knew one of my grandchildren were aborted I would be so angry.  I have an 18 year old who is refusing to vote because her friend’s say vote yes and she wants to vote no but she is afraid because her friends are telling her if she voted no then mothers who are in risk of their Life will die. Our kids need more education on both sides of the argument.

Don’t give out my name because Cobh is such a small town and I will be lynched!

Ok – let me explain this photo. It is a poster for the No side of the abortion debate that shows terminated babies or foetus’s (whatever way you choose to say it) at different stages from 8 weeks up to 22 weeks.

The pictures are quite graphic and the poster is quite a big one. From the photo that the listener sent in to us, it looks like it could be on a bus stop or billboard.

Tonight I want to know if you think these graphic posters are necessary in the campaigning or if they are too graphic.

According to our listeners, some locals in Cobh objected to the posters saying that it is graphic and not right that children would see it.

I am sure there are posters on the yes campaign that people are not happy with too.

Some people believe that graphic posters like this are the reality and should be shown.

Others however will say that they are offensive and unnecessary.

I am sure there are more like them around the entire country.

I want to get your views on them tonight –

Do you think graphic posters are wrong or reality?

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