One Mother’s Story of Raising Her Transgender Child in the Face of Oppression

Should children be encouraged of discouraged from transitioning at a young age?

Niall spoke to Kimberley Shappley who is positively reinforcing her 6 year old child to transition. Kai was born a boy but his mother Kimberley has allowed her to transition.

Kimberley said that Kai told her at 3 years old that he was really a girl. After some time of telling him that he was a boy she eventually decided to allow him to transition into a girl.

Kimberley is letting Kai live as a girl and said at the age of 12-14years of age she will allow Kai to start the process of transitioning if she still wants to.

Kimberley told us of the struggles she has encountered with family and friends from her decision to allow Kai to live her life as a girl.

This is one of those “Must Listen To” podcasts.

So what do you think – Should children be encourage of discouraged from transitioning at a young age?

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