Tuam Babies – Not the only Mother & Baby horror story in Ireland as we found out today

The commission of investigation into Mother and Baby Homes has discovered a significant number of human remains in what appears to be a decommissioned sewage chamber in Tuam. However as we discovered today on The Niall Boylan Show, Tuam is not the only Mother and Baby Home that our callers had heartbreaking stories on.

We had three courageous women who told their emotional stories of how they were sent to Mother and Baby Homes and the harrowing conditions they had to live and work in as they fought to keep their new born babies. We spent the entire show on this story as the country needs to hear the experiences that these women had to endure as late as the 1980’s.

Journalist Alison O’Reilly from the ‘Mail on Sunday’ and historian Catherine Corless spoke to Niall on this scandal and the possibilities of other to follow.

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