Should Wolf Whistling Be Banned?

“Wolf-whistling and other street harassment should be turned into a criminal offence” according to France’s Prime-Minister Macron.

The country’s new gender equality minister Marlene Schiappa has called for strong legislation to ‘frame the situation’ of street harassment so it’s taken seriously.

Schiappa, a 34-year-old feminist and mum-of-two, has set up a parliamentary working party aimed at changing the law.

‘We’re in a grey zone,’ said Ms Schiappa. ‘Nowadays, when a woman is whistled at in the street, insulted or followed, that’s not classed as an assault or harassment because there are no elements of proof. There is no point filing a complaint against X because the details are not sufficient. It’s absolutely necessary to frame the situation and to get rid of the definition of harassment that we have today.’

Schiappa added: ‘We will create a new offence, to define its contours, the evidence and the sanction – a spoken warning and then a fine.’

Are we really going to entertain this PC brigade and their calls to criminalise men – and women – for having a little fun. All they are doing is a whistle. It’s not 50 Shades of Grey! For decades a wolf whistle was something that people did and others took as a compliment. How can you say that it is violating your personal space?

Harassment is one thing but can you really call a wolf-whistle harassment? Where will this end?

Are there women out there that really feel distressed when men whistle at them or the other way around? Look if there are people out there that think that whistling is harassment then please call the show now. I will give you priority on the show.

Should wolf-whistling be banned?

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