Do you think there needs to be more women on air in Ireland?

Do you think there needs to be more women on air in Ireland?

Communications Minister Denis Naughten is prepared to introduce gender quotas for Irish radio stations if recommended in a forthcoming report.

Minister Naughten, whose powers cover public service broadcasters such as RTÉ and TG4, said that the quotas could even be extended to commercial stations if the Broadcasting Association of Ireland was willing to connect them to licensing agreements.

The BAI and Minister Naughten’s department are currently awaiting the results of research undertaken by Dr Kevin Rafter on gender and broadcasting in Ireland.

In 2015, a report into gender representation on Irish radio found that female voices only make up an average of 28% of broadcasting time on current affairs shows.

A recent look at Irish radio found that two national broadcasters, Today FM and Newstalk, have no women on air between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Friday.

Naughten said that he was always someone who was opposed to gender quotas but he said they have worked in Leinster House and would be in favour of them in Broadcasting.

Do you think gender quotas should be introduced in radio?

Or are you dead set against any type of gender quota.

Do you think gender quotas should be brought into Irish radio?

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